The Piper and the Horde (2023)
The Piper and the Horde (2023)

The Piper and the Horde (2023)
I finally did it! After two months of intense work I was able to finish one of the most challenging projects of the last couple of years.

Until I talked to Lucas Pina I did not have very clear in my mind how to approach the Pied Piper from Spira Mirabilis Miniatures.
He told me that his idea (in case he ever painted it) was to complete the background creating a scene of the goblins following the piper from an old town or a castle.
I really liked the idea and I asked him if he would mind if I tried to replicate it. He agreed (because he is just an amazing guy!).

The first challenge arrived in creating the background for the scene. I asked for some help from my uncle (one of the most artistic people that I know) and talked to him about the idea. I knew what I wanted to recreate, but not how to make it happen. He caught it really fast and quickly created a mockup for it. I loved it and I just had to replicate it… right?
But… there appeared the second challenge: I do not know how to draw.
So during a full month, and a big amount or trial-errors, I "semi-sculpted" the scene and could finish painting the background. I am happy with it despite being my first try. And I know, there is a lot of room for improvement.

The figure was easier. Not the thirty something goblins (which were a freaking nightmare) but the actual piper. Lucas sculpting makes the painting work very easy.

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it ;-)

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