Three Brothers - "The Plunderer" (2023)
Three Brothers - "The Plunderer" (2023)

A few months ago I was approached by three collectors that asked me to paint the Rumpelstiltskin bust from Spiramirabilis Miniatures.

At first it was a challenge, because I always like to give Luca Pina's models a different twist and approach, and preparing three original ideas was maybe too much to ask.
But this miniature has an element that gave me a lot of possibilities for interpretation. the ball.

I had very clear that I wanted the model to turn around that element.
So I decided to create three totally different versions: the billiard player, the Christmas elf and the pirate.
The painting process was superfun as it was the first time for me working in three models at the same time.
The models are different but share some color recipes and areas that could be painted across the three miniatures during the same painting sessions.

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