Connor (2021)
Connor (2021)

Let me introduce to you my last work!!!
15 days ago I started this amazing bust of Connor from @ivan_mata_sculptor with a little hope since the first try on the skin was a huge failure due to the glossiness of the paint...
I removed the paint and started back again, and this time I was able to slowly improve the previous result (that -believe me- was awful...).

The volumes in the face are so great that the mini almost gets painted by itself.

Around 50% of the work was done with the airbrush.

To be fair, I really don’t know how much I have spent in the model... maybe around 35 hours...

With this mini I have learnt how to give one step back when needed, and repeat a process from the beginning. Not only the skin, but other areas like the shirt logo or the tattoo needed to be redone at some point.
I hope you like it.

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