Octavius (2021)
Octavius (2021)

Hello Everyone!

After 2 months of hard work, I would like to present to you my last paintjob of this amazing bust sculpted by the mega-talented Raúl García Latorre for Black Crow Miniatures.

The final result has nothing to do with my original idea. And this was probably one of the most difficult things in the paintjob process: counter correction.
But it was also one of the most interesting things, as it allowed me the freedom to do whatever I wanted while I was painting (not having to stick to a predefined script).

I decided to make a small tribute to one of my favorite TV shows (Gravity Falls) by painting the book with the colors of the Journal from the series. I am sure Gravity Falls fans had already recognized it :-)

I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed painting it.

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