Red Scorpions Thunderhawk Gunship (2022)
Red Scorpions Thunderhawk Gunship (2022)

This was one of my four entries in the Golden Demon UK 2022 painting competition.
It took me around 20 hours to build and paint.

This is the first time I paint a starship, in fact the first time I paint any ship at all...
When I was younger I wanted to have a Thunderhawk of my own, but since the large scale ones were (and still are) extremely expensive, I chose to go for a smaller scale one... :-)
I really like the color scheme of the Red Scorpions chapter and, because I had some photoedges from that chapter around, I thought it was a god idea to recreate the Thunderhawk with these grey, yellow, white and red colors.

I hope you like it ;-)

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