Da Hunter (2022) - Savage Orc
Da Hunter (2022) - Savage Orc

I just finished painting this amazing bust from Spiramirabilis Miniatures in around 70 hours.
I have tried to go one step further to my usual painting approach by trying to be a bit more brave with the contrast and highlights.

Although my style tends to be more close to the realism (where you focus on the real colors and materials) rather than the to the illustration style (where you tend to play with the light and its impact on the colors) I decided this time to use several light sources.
You can see a warmer color in the right hand side of the picture (where the light is more yellowish), and a colder darker zone in the left (where I decided to increase the shadows with Intermediate Blue of Vallejo with small highlights of Fenrisian Grey). Also I added a very subtle orange OSL coming from the bottom left corner of the model.

I hope you like it! ;-)

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